New Quay Coffee


Cerrado Mineiro, brazil
Pulped Natural
>1200 Meters above sea level
Catuai, Mundo Novo

It all started back in the 70s in Cerrado Mineiro, where some farmers from Paraná and São Paulo figured out how to grow it on a big scale using a fancy technique called liming to fix the soil's acidity and some irrigation. Nowadays, there are 4,500 farmers growing coffee on 210,000 hectares of land in Cerrado Mineiro. And get this: the region has a dry climate during harvest season, so the coffee doesn't get all gross and humid after it's picked. That means it dries out evenly and consistently. In 2013, Cerrado Mineiro became the first place in the country to get this special thing called Denomination of Origin.

This coffee lot names Eagle Monte Carmelo is inspired by Cerrado Mineiro. We want it to taste the same no matter when you drink it, so you can count on it being delicious all year round.

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